Change from trial version to subscribed version on Android

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I installed trial version on my Android phone. One day later i add bitdefender Family protection subscription to my bitdefender account. Now I cannot change from trial to subscribed Bitdefender on Android . When i uninstall bitdefender on android then proceed with add new device in bitdefender central ,still activaiting trial version. How to change


  • Hello @Major1980 ,

    Please make sure you're logged in in Android with the exact same account credentials on which you have the Family Pack.

    If that still doesn't work, then please go to CENTRAL , in the Subscriptions tab and from there you can manually allocate your Android device on the subscription you wish to.

    Hope it helps!



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  • Thanks,i followed this instruction and it work now. Point was to remove from trial subscription my Android device and add my Android device from Family pack subscription usin web bitdefender central.

    Thanks for help