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Although I'm connected to the internet, for the last 24hrs, my VPN fails to connect to the internet, all I ever get is error code 9

I've unistalled, rebooted, reinstalled, changed different location servers, yet still unable to connect my VPN, just error code 9.

I've had no issues with Bitdefender VPN (paid version) since installation June 2021, until yesterday

I have Bitdefender total security (paid version) that is connected to the internet, and shows "You are safe"

Anyone else experienced "Error code 9" trying to connect Bitdefender VPN?

My system is windows 10


  • Same here on both Dell and HP computers. Code 9 and/or Code 2. On my mobile VPN works fine.

  • Aen

    Same error after updating to win 11

  • Zuz

    Same here today. Yesterday was fine. (Nov 15). Windows 10

    Followed instructions from a different thread and now error 9, I had Error 12.

  • Same here today too, Dec 7, Yesterday was OK. Just times out