Another day, Bitdefender VPN installs itself - AGAIN

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After around 6 months of being Bitdefender VPN free (I do not want this app!) it has decided to install itself again on Windows 10 on all of my machines without my permission. A game of whack a mole, pretty ironic from an anti-virus product :(

So I'm uninstalling AGAIN - the message says Bitdefender VPN will be PERMANTLY removed.... place your bets...


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    I bet on VPN this product, clumsy and slow as a snail, but as intrusive as a fly will still be present in your device

  • The installing of software without the user's consent is a serious breach trust. It has gotten to the point that I am seriously weighting whether or not to keep using Bitdefender. It keeps on installing itself the day after I uninstalled it. The crazy part to all of this is, I have a lifetime license to VPN unlimited made by Bitdefender, why do I need a second VPN from the same company?

  • I have the same problem on macOS. I use NordVPN and intend to stay with them. I talked to BitDefender Tech Support about an hour ago and the fellow told me Bitdefender Internet Security re-installs itself after every update, including when it's only updating its antivirus signatures. So, every update will automatically install the free copy of BitDefender VPN. I've been using the BitDefender Box 2 (a router and private firewall) to protect my IOT devices as well as smartphones, tablets and computers. The Internet Security package subscription is included with my annual renewal of the BitDefender Box 2 license.

    A potential solution is to create a independent network with the BitDefender Box 2 and cascaded it to my primary router (normally the gateway from my ISP), put all my IOT devices on the independent network for its protection. I'll connect all my computers (phones, tablets, etc) to my primary router and use something else instead of Bitdefender Internet Security on my computers. I've verified with BitDefender Tech support that the Internet Security package for iOS devices could only help you locate a lost iOS device but DOES NOT offer any antivirus function, so I never used it on our iPhones and iPads.

    I understand the Bitdefender Total Security package for Windows includes a superior antivirus package, so you Windows users has entirely different tradeoff considerations!
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    Every time there is a new version, BitDefender VPN pops up as if by magic and I have to uninstall it again. Yes it happened again a few months ago.

    It's happened on Windows, my Android phone and on Mac.

    My conclusion is they are doing this on purpose which is a pretty poor show for an antivirus company.

    Also for years and years the Thunderbird toolbar add in for spam etc has never worked and yet they still claim this to be a feature. Also they install an add in for my browser which tracks my browing habbits by default for marketing purposes.

    When my subscription expires I will be looking elsewhere, I've had enough of this. This isn't a free product, we pay for this.

  • Hello @BDAlexS , @dvsdoug and @coffeesnob and welcome to our Community!

    Your observations are legit and I will discuss with dev teams and make sure to follow up with you here once I get a clear picture.



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  • Same thing is happening on My Mac....serious breach of trust comes to mind....Please address this asap.

    Thank you

  • BitDefencder VPN DOES NOT interfere with my NordVPN (subscription) as long as I disabled BitDefender VPN from context menu of the icon displayed when started.

    On Mac, its

    Right click - Open Main Window. then,

    in BitDefender VPN pop-up,:Settings (top right Gear icon) - General panel, turn off Notification, Run at Startup and Product Reports. Also ensure all switches in Advanced panel are turned off.

    In addition, in my Mac Notification Preference, I disallow notifications for BitDefender VPN so I don't see the annoying messages when BitDefender does re-install itself.

    After doing the above, although Bit Defender starts itself every time after BitDefender Antivirus gets updated, it only takes up 27.5 MB of memory and under 10 secs of CPU Time since it gets started. Unfortunate but small amount of system overhead!

  • Hello,

    For everyone encountering this issue, it will be necessary to get in touch with the Technical Teams for our engineers to gather more information from the machines. You can reach the engineers by choosing one of the contact methods available here:


  • I have the same issue on MacOS Monterey 12.5. This is unacceptable!!! I removed the VPN component twice and it keeps re-installing itself.

  • There is no "VPN installs itself topic under Technical Support.

  • Hello,

    The link redirects to the Support Center where, apart from the knowledge base articles and self-service area, you can also get in touch with the Support Teams for further investigation. The complete link is:

    Using the contact form, simply select the category of your request and the product and the page will display 3 contact channels:

    Choose the desired contact channel and let the engineers know what the issue is. Normally, the VPN should not reinstall itself, if already uninstalled.