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Should i turn off vpn, should i lighten security and other to lighten load times and others?

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For as long as I remember, VPN's have usually consisted of an approximation of a couple kilometers with the occasional multi mile going by Swedish mile = 10 km calculation. Recently I was hacked and decided to get some REAL protection, pretty much enabling every security thing I can. I haven't dusted out my computer and checked thermal paste for a long time. I tend to load a lot of videos and images and download lots of files of different sizes. I feel like I'm noticeably to significantly slower than i should be. I experience general slowdowns with everything that needs some time to load usually, this was after I decided to get Bitdefender. I'm thinking disabling vpn might as well be done since I'm not exactly on a clean slate. Password manager don't seem to work on chrome as it's either white after pressing sign in when info has been input or it asks me to create a master password which i already have done through phone or Microsoft edge which i don't use. I also don't know how heavily my computer is taking it from the dust and all. Don't think it gets very loud unless i play a game or something. Cpu and memory usage seems fine, although i am using 3000 mb of memory through google chrome so there is that... i don't put tabs to sleep and can have anywhere between like 50 to and get this, i used to have 400-600 tabs until i mass bookmarked them. Even back then, computer was running better than now because games seem to have a much bigger impact, but they affect cpu more than memory. Btw, i cleared cache yesterday because i had to test password manager but that didn't work.

I am all over the place with this one, but i'm trying to unload some information, not sure i will format it better but i would appreciate some general feedback


  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @VoidExile and welcome to Bitdefender and the Community!

    Congratulations on your decision. In today's world, with the amount of insiduous malware techniques and more threats emerging at almost every corner, an antivirus is a must.

    In regards to the VPN connection, the Bitdefender VPN is designed to offer you a light experience while surfing the web; however, your internet connectivity or the server distance you connect to may cause a slowdown. In this case, if it is not a must to connect from your location to a faraway hosted server (e.g. from the USA to China), I recommend you allow Bitdefender VPN to automatically connect you to the nearest server, or find a server closer to your current location. Also, to avoid unnecessary battery consumption of your device, I recommend you to use the VPN only when you need it, and disconnect when offline. There is an interesting article on the VPN at the below link:

    After installing a security software, the computer will slightly slow down, which to a certain degree is normal. However, if you are experiencing a significant degradation in operating speed and performance, there are a couple of things to check first:

    Furthermore, it is recommended to configure your antivirus according to your needs and tasks carried out on the machine. You can make good use of the available profiles in Bitdefender and these will assign more system resources to the running applications, by temporarily modifying protection settings and adjusting system configuration. Consequently, the system impact on your activity is minimized. If you are a gamer, I would definitely recommend the Game Profile. You can read more about profiles in the following article:

    I don't think there is an ideal setup that will suit all users, because it really depends on how the machine is being used, the configuration of the machine, its system requirements and of course, your personal preferences. So it's really about finding the balance between making the most out of your cybersecurity solution, while ensuring good system responsiveness, high performance, and no interruptions.

    Concerning the Password Manager, please clarify if you are using the previous Wallet, or the new Password Manager, to avoid any confusion. You can find out the differences between the two in the article below:

    I hope the information is helpful.

    Best regards.

    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user

  • I could barely make a dent on the settings. It seems I think most of the things there should remain enabled. I can disable some but then i may have to enable them again at some point. The last couple weeks i been mostly browsing potentially unsafe places with videos, images and pretty much a lot of reloading of pages in general, i need it setup for that but the slowdown is not exactly helping me. I switched from automatic to work but I'm not sure that would help. I also discovered that while I don't know how behind i was, i was behind on chrome update(s). I could now get into the password manager perfectly fine. Kinda wish there was more than 32 characters allowed tho, but I guess you technically don't need more?

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @VoidExile,

    Password Manager is equipped with the highest standard of cryptographic algorithms - AES-256-CCM, SHA512, BCRYPT, HTTPS and WSS protocols for data transmission. Moreover, all data is encrypted and decrypted locally, so 32 characters is sufficient.

    Bitdefender is very well configured by default and to offer you an effective operation and increased protection while carrying out different activities, the Autopilot will act as your personal security advisor. Depending on the activity you perform, either you work, make online payments, watch movies, or play games, Bitdefender Autopilot will come up with contextual recommendations based on your device usage and needs. The proposed recommendations may also be related to actions that you need to perform to keep your product working at its full capacity.

    Of course, the browser updates and any updates for that matter are an important tool in your protection and they ensure the proper functionality of your device.


    Premium Security & Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools user