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How do I update windows hosts file?


I want to name some devices on my home network but the entries in the hosts file get commented out. It looks like BitDefender is doing this.

How can I get it to allow entries with IP addresses inside my home network? These are obviously not going to an external malicious site.

Some ancient archived forum entries discussed excluding hosts checks but none of them relate to the current UI and I cannot find settings matching the ones discussed.

If this is really such a huge security risk, why can't we define allowed hosts entries somewhere in Bitdefender settings, then the software can go ahead and remove anything we have not specified.

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  • Wolfboy47
    edited May 2022 Answer ✓

    Not quite. The "Scan hosts file" option is actually under Protection -> Vulnerability -> Settings

    It would be much safer if there was a white-list of things that I want to have in Hosts, and if Bitdefender could still monitor the file for malicious content.