Offer a sandbox environment to open files/run apps

it'd be cool if Bitdefender offered a sandbox environment or container that we could launch an app or open a file and have it detect if it's malicious. that way nothing is exposed to the actual machine if we need to preview something.

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    Thank you for posting your suggestion here.

    A sandbox environment would not be necessary, because we have the Advanced Threat Defense technology in place. This is an innovative take on detecting ransomware and zero-day threats in real-time using advanced heuristic methods. This method is different from traditional malware detection, which involves identifying malware using the virus signature database.

    Advanced Threat Defense continuously monitors the applications and processes running on your computer. It monitors suspicious activities such as copying files to important Windows operating system folders, executing or injecting code into other processes, multiplying them, changing Windows registry or installing drivers.

    Each action is scored, and every process receives a danger score. If the overall score for a process reaches a certain threshold, Bitdefender makes the decision to block that application that 99% of the time turns out to be malware. Thanks to the score-based rating system, the number of false positive detections is very low and the detection of threats, even if they are very new, is extremely effective.

    With the Advanced Threat Defense module enabled, even the most sophisticated attacks are blocked in real-time before the malware actually reaches the computer.

    As a safety measure, you will be notified each time threats and potentially malicious processes are detected and blocked. You can check which applications have been detected by Advanced Threat Defense in the Notifications window, on the left-hand side of the Bitdefender interface.

    In order to further enhance protection against zero-day threats, the security researchers integrated an Exploit Detection feature directly into the Advanced Threat Control module. A way used by hackers to breach systems is to take advantage of particular bugs or vulnerabilities present in computer software (apps or plugins) and hardware. To make sure that your device stays away from such attacks, that normally spread very fast, Bitdefender uses the newest anti-exploit technologies.

    The Exploit detection option is enabled by default.

    Stay safe.

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    I guess he means to say that he needs an environment where he can launch applications without making any changes to system and even if they are malicious they may not harm the system. While advance threat defense may provide that protection but it may still not be able to detect modifications made by all application in worst case scenarios.

    While your feedback is appreciated but it does not serve any positive purpose for bitdefender users and will act as a process hogging option which may and will definitely impact system performance.

    Alternative, if you want to use a sandboxing environment you can check out sanboxie software (

    I hope this helps.


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