Linux Mint protection?

I have just finished installing Bitdefender Total Security on my PC's, I hope it protects my PC's as well as my last Software. My Laptop is dual boot, Windows 10 (2OH2) and Linux Mint (18.3). Bitdefender is made to protect my Windows program, but what about my Linux program?


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    The Bitdefender home products are not compatible with Linux or any other OS/device not listed on the requirements section of the product page.

    Bitdefender home products offer complete protection for Windows, macOS, Android and iOS only.

    Here are the system requirements for all Bitdefender products and services:

    And here are the system requirements for Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android:


  • Thank you for your quick reply, Gjoksi. It wasn't the answer I was looking for but it was the answer I expected. I'm just glad you didn't say Bitdefender would treat Linux Mint as a virus and delete my files. Thanks again..

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    Bitdefender in past had linux product available for home users which was then discontinued. While the linux product for home users is discontinued but the windows product will still detect and remove linux malware since detection for linux malware are still been created.

    Additionally, currently linux product are only available for business users.


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