BD Internet Security: System slow and delayed response when offline


Bitdefender Internet Security Build, Win 10 Pro 21H2

Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB RAM, SSD

I got the problem that my system gets slow and responds with delay if I am offline.

In general while working/playing on the PC if I dont need internet anymore I will disconnect the LAN cable from the modem.

If I have been online before and I remove the internet connection the following occurs: Right click menue on desktop or in the explorer will open with a delay up to 30 seconds. Programs will start delayed. If I just click on files once, the small loading circle appears for several seconds. The taskmanager which has a shortcut on the taskbar will start and open with a 30 seconds delay. Even the shutdown via the start menue will be initiated with a delay of some seconds.

If I disable the Bitdefender Shield or connect the PC to the internet again, all these delays disappear.

The system is a pretty fresh install. No other AV software has been installed before. I also read about this issue in a computer forum. Additionally I did a clean install on another SSD with the same results. So I am very sure Bitdefender is causing this problem.

I kindly ask you guys to try to reproduce this issue by staying online for a short time like doing a quick scan or a manual BD update, then disconnect the internet and check if you face these delays I mentioned.

Looking forward for your help and thank you in advance.


  • Flexx

    Slow PC after bitdefender installation, check below links

    If issue persists,

    Generate bitdefender support tool logs (

    Generate bitdefender connectivity logs (

    Share the logs & your query with bitdefender support team by dropping them an email at

    The support team will reply back to your query within next 24-48 hours excluding weekends.


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  • Thank you for your reply.

    As I mentioned my PC specs and that I am facing this issue with 2 fresh and clean Win 10 installations, I think the 5 tips from your first link will not apply. I am also not having a problem with slow internet connection as described in your second link.

    In all honesty for the moment I am a bit worried to run the support tool to generate logs of my system with personal data.

    Until I have figured out what such log would contain, if you have a few minutes time left I kindly ask some of you (BD-users and BD-staff) again to try to reproduce my problem. (Being online for a short time (maybe doing a manual BD-update or quick scan), disconnect the internet and watch if there are such delays as I described in my first post.)

    For the moment this would help me a lot and I thank you in advance for reporting back.

  • Flexx

    @Alexandru_BD, @Mike_BD kindly have a look.


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  • Hello @Boing738,

    The engineers were unable to reproduce this offline behavior during testing, therefore it will be necessary to follow the steps described by @Flexx above to send logs from the machine to the technical teams for further investigation.

    The logs from the support tool will provide the engineers with the required details that will help identify the root cause. The required data is strictly technical. Should you have any privacy concerns, you may check the Privacy Policy for Bitdefender Home User solutions here:


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  • I don't want to undermine the engineers' autority by no means. But while I am waiting for the support mail with further instructions about my archived log files, could one or the other noble-minded and fine BD-user (preferable Win10) try to reproduce my issue too?

    Also: Is there a difference in the program/installation if you download the free trial version and then activiate it with the product key or if you sign in and download the program from the BD-central?

    Thank you very much.

  • Boing738
    Boing738 ✭✭
    edited September 2022

    I have found out that these described delayed response issues only seem to occur, if "Scan only new and modified files" is turned off.

    At the risk of getting on your nerves, it would be nice if the devs could have a look again with that setting turned off.


  • Hi @Boing738,

    The trial version contains the same features and security modules of the paid product, as its purpose is to offer the user the complete experience and functionality of the product for evaluation and it helps the user decide if a certain service or security package is suited for their needs. When redeeming an activation code, this will activate the paid subscription/license that will set the validity, but also the device variation and relevant communication for the product (e.g. subscription management tools and commercial communication).

    Sure, I'll ask the engineers to retest using the settings you have mentioned above 🙂


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  • Hello.


    Do you have any news from the devs?

    kind regards.

  • Hello, I can confirm that this happens for me also. I'm from a country where power-cut happens sometimes. So when this happens, apps takes much longer to load. Even trusted and signed apps takes long. I checked the CPU usage to see if Bitdefender is doing any sort of extra scan/emulation type thing, but there is no noticeable extra CPU usage. So it's confusing why this happens.

    Maybe tell the devs to try to reproduce like this,

    start your PC with internet connection on, do some basic tasks like visit a few websites, etc. and then power off the router.

    Now close the browser and try to launch some apps. Maybe try some portable apps like this:


    It should take a few seconds for the app to load while in a normal situation with internet, it opens almost instantly.

  • Flexx
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    @HomoSapiens Please make sure that next time you do not share any external link in the forum comment until it is approved by any moderator or administrator even if the link is popular & genuine. We on bitdefender community only try to make use of bitdefender provided support links and are very limited to any external links.


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  • Hi @HomoSapiens,

    I think this report must be brought into the attention of our engineers, as I have recommended to @Boing738 as well, because logs are still required and we lack the means to analyze them on the forum. My advice would be to get in touch with our Support Teams, as they can also connect remotely to your devices, if necessary. You can choose your desired contact channel by clicking on the link below:


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  • My own - A Beelink AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX with Radeon Graphics and a LG GRAM computer, a Dell Latitude, and recently with a Lenovo System SKU   LENOVO_MT_F0EW_BU_Lenovo_FM_IdeaCentre AIO 3 24ARE05. Happens on both Windows 11 and Windows 10 computers. Bitdefender Security on certain computers (5 out of 60) I manage including my own, will introduce a 30 second delay when launching a program or even launching settings off the start menu! When the problem arises, it makes the user think they pressed Nothing, when in fact they did. Then the user, including myself, will press again and again the app, and then 3 - 5 versions of the program will show up. My only solution has been to uninstall the program. This started last year around Oct 2023, and as of today Feb 1 it still happens....

  • garioch7
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    @Scsi.King ,

    Welcome to the Bitdefender Forums. You should follow the advice of @Alexandru_BD in the post previous to your post.

    I hope this helps. Have a great day.



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  • I can confirm that the issue is back. For the engineers to easily reproduce it, plug off your ethernet cable/turn off your wifi, start your system and then try to launch apps. Try unsigned apps too. The delay is extremely severe. More than 30 seconds some times.

    You may not even require to reproduce how I suggested. I even had it when my internet was suddenly down for 20 mins as I was using the PC. It happens on real machine as well as VM.

    Let me know if the engineers can reproduce it now. I'm hoping that it should be reproducable easily. If not then I may send logs.

  • Flexx

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  • camarie
    camarie Principal Software Developer BD Staff

    I was not aware of this. Forwarded to the dev and test team to try to reproduce with full logs, maybe we can pinpoint the issue without more details.

  • Marius G.
    Marius G. QA Engineer BD Staff

    @SeriousHoax Sorry, we still can't replicate the situation. Can you send us a set of logs?

    NOTE: After choosing the "Try to reproduce the issue" in the support tool, restart the system and then reproduce the actual issue. This will get us a full set of logs.