Whitelist not working, still can't access domain

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Hi guys

There is a crypto website I use frequently (several times a day) which has now been falsely flagged as a phishing website, [*url removed by @Flexx*]  

I've whitelisted and rebooted, still nothing. Unfortunately I need this website as much as I need BitDefender and at the moment my only solution is to shutdown BitDefender.

Would love some help on this one.


  • Flexx

    If you believe that a website or file has been incorrectly blocked by Bitdefender, you can share the details with our malware researchers by filling out the form at the link provided below: https://www.bitdefender.com/consumer/support/answer/29358/

    If the website or file is indeed incorrectly blocked, the detection will be removed within a maximum of 72 hours. However, if the detection still persists after 72 hours, please consider the website or file as malicious, as determined by our malware researchers, and the detection will remain.


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  • OzLegacy

    Thank you Flexx. I've completed the form now, hopefully they see reason as there is nothing harmful about the service and dozens of their competitors who offer near identical services don't flag as problem sites. But if it continues to be detected I'll have to find out why my whitelisting isn't working, or regretably conisder an alternative software as I use this site several times a day, removing my protect so often is not a long term solution.

  • OzLegacy

    BitDefender have reversed their block on this website, it's now considered safe again 👍

  • OzLegacy

    Yes, in the end I spoke to the community and there happened to be a number of Bit Defender users there also impacted by the issue so it became a community effort, I believe a number of them completed the report. Initially Bit Defender retained the phishing warning but allowed you to bypass it, that was fine but it still suggested there was some dangerous nature about the website which is still a "false positive" so after some further efforts it was completely fixed. The whole thing took a few days from start to end but it's nice to see Bit Defender listens to their customers and is proactive. Also, even though I found the block incredibly frustrating, I'd rather Bit Defender being overly safe than too relaxed. So all in all, a positive outcome.