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  • This is quite odd. I don't see how BitD has influence outside of your PC.  Quick questions - which router, is it updated/patched to the latest version? what's the internet speed, can you set the DNS entries to OPENDNS or Google DNS and try? …
  • Thanks for the update Sorin! Looking forward to that.
  • Rohugh, please dont state the obvious. I half expected you would do this. I too read hot-for-security. I am trying to understand what kind of analysis and advice is presented by the advisor. How does it help us practically? Just as an FYI: i…
  • i dont know much about recommendation. but this worked for me.
  • This morning i received another alert from Ransomware protection. It apparently blocked explorer.exe from accessing thumbs.db in my graphics folder. The first question should be, why? it's explorer.exe. The second point is, is explorer.exe being …
  • Hi, I can confirm that the solution has been working. Thumbs up to you on two counts. 1) For solving the issue and 2) for replacing whoever was there before you. You have brought back support in these forums. A lingering issue still remains. The …
  • Ok, i have done as you asked. will report back in a few days if this works properly. But primarily being a Google user for many of its services, wont disabling QUIC reduce my latency and time to connect to each of the services?
  • I use the latest Chrome version with uBlock Origin and HTTPS Everywhere.
  • I don't see any problems with live tiles after Bitdefender unsitallation. Also aboy remote sessiom - I think that it's just didn't have time to record this issue. Live tiles block sometimes at the next day after Bitdfender installation. I don't know…
  • I have an issue with safepay. No matter how many times i try to tell it not to ask when i do a transaction on paypal. it will keep popping up on the next paypal page. Its quite annoying. And yes, before someone asks, I do tick the options - do not …