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  • The new Edge browser is built upon Google Chrome, so will Bitdefender be supporting Password manager for the new Edge in the near future?
  • The processes are not still running. It happens with any game I run. That is why I rasied the issue in the first place. I have been back and forth with support emails for over a week asking ths same questions. It seems hard to get Bitdefender to acknowledge the issue.
  • 10 minutes ago, Roxana G said: Hello, You may upload it on a transfer link like Dropbox, Wetransfer and send us via email the download link. Sent, thank you
  • Hi Roxanna, I have generated a support log but is it too large to send via email. How can I send it to you?
  • Hi, I have resolved the issue by reinstalling Bitdefender 2020.
  • Yes this happens all the time. Because it switches itself off, there is no profile switching occuring, I only have one account on my PC.
  • Still not working for me in the UK. Even tried to use Bitdefender support chat and the person at the end acknowledged it was a known issue but could not do anything for me. I work for on an IT management team for a global company and this is some of the worst IT customer support I have experienced for years. What is the…
  • For anyone following this thread this issue seems now to be fixed. I upgraded to Windows 10 and installed the new version 19 of Bitdefender. Bitdefender no longer goes into game mode when Steam, Origin or Uplay are runnnig. Thanks
  • Hello, Please update Bitdefender to solve this. If Steam still triggers Bitdefender Game Profile afterwards, check if you have any running gaming/video card software or game managing systems, besides Steam/Battlenet/Origin. Thank you, we are looking forward to your results! Georgia, Bitdefender still goes into game mode…
  • You don't say how you enabled HTTP pipelining. In anycase it can't hurt to look at the article linked below. Speed Up Your Firefox by Adjusting Your HTTP Pipelining Disclosure: I am using the Firefox default setting on HTTP pipelining so I can't verify that the steps suggested in the article work. Hi, yes I set-up…
  • Did some more testing. Search Advisor only works when not using SSL in Fireworks. So if I use it works but if I use, it does not work. For IE it works using SSL and no SSL. Does anyone else have this issue?
  • Hi, Search Advisor works for me within IE but not Firefox - would anyone know why? I am on Win 8.1 64bit Thanks
  • You might want to include Fences to the exclusions list . GUI>Antivirus>Exclusions tab. Ro. Hi, tried that and it did not work.
  • Hello thegilpins, I am not seeing this problem on my Windows 8.1 machines. You may want to contact Bitdefender Support on this, from the top drop-down on the BD GUI. Hi, thanks for the reply. After a bit of testing the issue seems to be a conflict with Stardock Fences. I can install either but not both. I will contact…
  • Hello, Excluding apps from the Profile list is not available but I have forwarded this request to our product manager. Thank you all for your feedback! Hi, any update on this feature request? Thanks
  • This is issue is also causing explorer.exe to periodically crash on windows boot for me. Never had an issue with Bitdefender until the device manager error. I have had to uninstall Bitdefender so I can boot into windows without issue. Any update on the device mananger error? I have a 3770K, 4 cores, 8 threads.
  • Hi, I have been using Bitdefdner 2015 TS for months without issue and today in Windows Device Manager it reports that Windows cannot load the BitDefender AVC HV driver with error 31 - the request is not supported. I tried a Bitdefedner repair and that didn't help. I uninstalled and resinstalled and was ok, but a day or so…
  • Hello all, Please open up Bitdefender and click the Update button. Wait until the process ends and restart the PC. Then, test to have the latest build number: right click on Bitdefender icon from system tray -near the clock- and choose "About". You should see in the left upper side the build number: Please…
  • I found the profiles useful but confusing! There seems to be a hierarchy, i.e. Standard -> Movie -> Work - > Game So if I am in Movie and I start a Work app it moves to Work etc, but I would have expected the hierarchy to be Work before Movie. It does not make sense the other way around. Also predefined programs are…
  • Hello, If you are still dealing with this issue, please post here a support tool log to further investigate the case: or You may not be able to upload the BDSP_ log resulted on your Desktop here as it is too big so you can put it…
  • @ thegilpins Did you manage to address this issue? Does it persist with the latest build version Please right click on the Bitdefender icon located in system tray and from the menu select "Update Now". Reboot the PC if requested, then check if the issue still occurs. Hi, I tried again a week ago and the same…
  • So is there a solution to these issues? After running Windows 8.1 for a couple of weeks and updating a number of drivers, I resinatlled Bitdefender TS and it works without any issues for me now. I have no idea why it did not first work after the 8.1 upgrade.
  • I had the same issues after my upgrade. Bitdefender was also causing windows explorer to hang. I have uninstalled Bitdefender for now until these issues are fixed. Windows 8 Pro 64bit.
  • Are they running - I would have thought that both of these should be off as they are included in TS. Interestingly enough I am having problems with IS and a windows 8 laptop. I recently did a windows update and now I can't install IS without it stopping booting at the same screen you have. I have a support ticket…
  • Do you have another security software running during the install? You might want to install this via safe mode though. Thanks for the reply. The only security programs installed were Windows Firewall and Windows Defender.
  • have you tried with filezilla? might work better and you get more control over file transfers Hi, yes I have tried filezilla and works ok. I just wondered why Bitdefender could not be configured to work eith Windows explorer and FTP.
  • Could you please tell me if this issue persists with the new build version (right click on Bitdefender icon from system tray-near the clock-and choose "About". You should see in the left side the build number). In order for the product update to be installed, you need to reboot your machine(you should see in…
  • Christian, I already sent you a file via sendspace and sent you a PM with the link - did you not get it?
  • Christian, Hi, is there any update on this issue? Has technical support been able to look at the dmp file I uploaded? Thanks
  • Is there any update from Bitdefedner on this issue? It's only been out there for at least 4-5 months ....
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