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  • I submitted a support ticket to Bitdefender, and its Customer Service personnel responded quickly and changed my Username. I really like Bitdefender and have had very good success when I submit support tickets. This Expert Community forum serves a very useful purpose most of the time. However, sometimes it is necessary to…
  • Ryspredator: Your advice worked for me and I thank you for coming up with the solution.
  • After installing the Windows 10 Fall Update ver 1511 build 10586.3, my BDIS 2016 Active Threat Control and Intrusion Detection features would not enable. I tried a BD Repair but that did not help. Next, I completely uninstalled BDIS and BD Agent from my system, and reinstalled BDIS 2016. That solved the problem and…
  • I am on BDIS and, after running a manual update from the dashboard and doing a restart, my version remained the same, the shutdown problem was fixed, and everything is running okay now. Every new version of every software product has some issues to be worked out. After installing BDIS 2016 two days ago, my PC…
  • Also, the new 'added value' optimisation tools are bloat in my view. Please focus on improving the efficiency of the core security features you earned your reputation from and forget trying to be a Swiss Army Knife. I agree with the sentence above. I purchased Bitdefender because it excels at antivirus and firewall…
  • First, let me say I have been using Bitdefender (BD) for many years and I am very happy with its overall performance and protection. Yes, there have been some problems. But, that happens with any robust software product such as this and problems occur in other vendor products too. Second, I think the new “Profiles” feature…
  • The "System Scan" is not causing the settings to change as I reported above. The Intrusion Detection setting is being set to "Permissive" when the "Game Profile" is activated and the setting is not being reset to "Aggressive" when the game is over.
  • Please disregard my post above. The System Scan is not changing my Intrusion Detection setting to "Permissive". Something else is and I will have to track it down and let you know later.
  • Georgia: I thank you for monitoring this forum. I think the Wallet feature is a great idea, but the feature fails to work as intended. I tried to get it to work on several of my important web sites. It will auto fill some of my sites and do nothing for the others. And, I can't select usernames and passwords from my Wallet…
  • Bosse: I noticed a similar problem and I am running Windows 7. I discovered the new "Profiles" settings turn off certain features like the Windows Update when BD thinks specific types of software are being run. You might want to look at the "Profiles" configuration settings for Games and Movies.