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r34d0nly Lord
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I have just shut down Bitdefender as I can no longer use it for the reason I bought it.
My sole purpose for buying BD two years ago was to custom-scan files and folders I download, I use it frequently but only for this task, I do not use any other feature and am well aware of the general protection Apple's own OS provides (but like to have an extra degree of security when quickly downloading and trying out myriad different files of different types, from different sources, all over the web - it's a fast convenient tool that gives me an extra piece of mind).

Until now there has been no problem, but today (after a standard update/restart) BD asked for full access to my OS disk. I am unable to clear this message nor use the custom scan feature without granting permission.
The OS vol should be read-only, the only applications that should have any access like that which is being requested are native Apple ones like Home and Time Machine. No antivirus/security program needs this, and certainly not for the purposes I use Bitdefender for.

If I cannot continue using the custom scan function without letting a third party application have full access to my machine then I do not need it.
Is there any way to skip this step and resume use of BD without this, or do I need to go elsewhere?




  • Gjoksi
  • r34d0nly

    Thanks @Gjoksi but I wasn't asking how to grant access, I'm asking if I can no longer use Bitdefender WITHOUT this new permission.. I do not think any third party software should have access to my OS Disk.

    Does anyone have an answer to my question?

  • Alexandru_BD

    Hello @r34d0nly,

    I'll jump in here with a bit more context. To effectively scan your entire system, including system files, user data, and other sensitive areas, the software needs access to all parts of the disk. Without full disk access, it might miss potential threats that could be hiding in these locations. In the event that malware is detected, Bitdefender needs full disk access to quarantine and remove infected files, including those located in protected areas of the operating system.

    As the above article explains, following the launch of macOS Mojave (10.14), Apple has implemented a series of changes that by default block applications’ access to specific system folders and resources such as Mail, Messages, Safari, and Time Machine backups. In order for Bitdefender to scan protected such locations, the user must manually allow full disk access to the Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac application files. Otherwise, security features such as the antivirus shield and system scan won’t work and Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac will display a Grant Full Disk Access recommendation. To keep your Mac protected, it is necessary to allow Bitdefender full disk access.

    Bitdefender isn't your regular third-party software. This antivirus comes from a reputable cybersecurity company who received countless awards from independent testing organizations and specialized IT websites, and is trusted by millions of consumers and enterprises worldwide.

    I hope the information is helpful.



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