Firewall Blocking Wireless Printer

I just installed a new HP4780 wireless all in one printer and it will only print when the Bitdefender Total Security 2009 Firewall is disabled.

Typical of all the computer softare and hardware manufacturers it's impossible to get a live tech support on the phone to solve my problem.

How do I simply create a firewall rule to allow my computer to communicate with the printer???????

Extremely frustrated and fed up with Bitdefender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hello jk74,

    If you want to contact the BitDefender support, we recommend you to access your BitDefender account , click on "My Support" then access the "Contact BitDefender Customer Care" link. Here you have the possibility to send us an email or contact us through the chat or phone service.

    Now, in order to solve the issue that you are dealing with, we recommend you to follow the steps bellow :

    1. Open BitDefender, go to the Advanced View button in the upper menu and click on Firewall .

    2. Select the Network tab in the upper menu and click on the current "Network Type", pull down the drop-down menu and select "Trusted Local", Stealth to "No" and Generic to "Yes".

    3. In the Zones area please click on the "+" sign and add the IP address of the of your wireless printer.

    Now test to see if you have the same problem .

    Thank you .

  • i had to change the network to a "Trusted" network, not "Public", and then it worked

  • thank you , it's very helpful for my website : Egybest