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Internet Goes Blank



  • John33
    edited October 2010

    Sorry if I misunderstood, but was this problem resolved? I got the latest updates and scanned my computer but BD couldn't find the hijaker. I guess I could download SpybotSD since it has an option to lock the homepage, but that's rather sad considering how much money I paid for BD!

  • Hi, I have the same problem since... I can't even remember when it started, having to restart my pc every hour become like a second nature.

    I guess it started in November 2009, according to this thread.

    I am running BD total security 2010, latest updates as of today.

    Windows 7 x64

    I had bought a 3 year 3 user license and have just under 80 days left.

    Even though BitDefender Total Security seems to be the top product in the market, and i dislike to change my software since i run it for nearly 3 years on 3 PC's, doubt i will buy a new license.

    It is ridiculous, after all this time no automatic update has solved the problem.

    Meanwhile you could stop the BitDefender process that is causing this at startup but this will also stop the following activities: scan outgoing and incoming emails, scan Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger traffic, Scan http traffic and the Privacy control module.

    What in the world is it I am paying for? To then having to disable half the functionalities a halfway decent Total Security solution should provide like scanning outgoing and incoming emails and to scan http traffic???

    This should be reported to trading standard so that you can not advertise that your product includes scanning of outgoing and incoming emails as well as http traffic.

  • nikki605
    edited January 2011

    BD 2011 is the version being actively maintained by the development team. If your PC hardware meets the minimum system requirements, you can upgrade for FREE. You can find the details in this pinned topic.

    The updates you have been receiving are virus definition updates, not updates to the BDTS program itself.