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Bdscan Out Of Memory Error

edited February 2022 in The Archive

I've got the "Advanced Virus Protection" virus that constantly puts up messages that your system is infected.

It has disabled regedit, add/remove programs, taskmgr, Safe Mode, etc. The Windows OS is XP.

So, I've tried both the 2010 version of BitDefender (booting as a rescue CD) as well as the Rescue CD image from the download site.

With either, bdscan runs for a bit then aborts w/ an out of memory error. I've run the scan in the background while running "vmstat 5" to watch for gradual vm usage growth. Didn't see any sign that memory was low before the abort. I can run portions of directories (like system32/*.dll) and make it through. I did get some virus detections in system32/*.dll. I can't make it through system32/*.exe without an abort.

I've got on a USB flash drive which I can access and update from.

I've also tried a power off in case the virus is leaving a landmine in RAM that bdscan trips.

Any ideas are welcome.




  • Hello,

    Did you try also the "bdscan" command line tool?

  • Hello,

    Did you try also the "bdscan" command line tool?

    I believe I did (its been a month since I posted).

    Since then, I've managed to get rid of the virus through quite a bit of research and several evenings effort.

    In short (and from my memory) the steps were:

    0). Run a different rescue CD which found some different virus files.

    1). Copy in a clean version of taskmgr from a USB drive & kill off active virus tasks.

    2). Install Bitdefender.

    3). Repair my IP stack so I could get the Bitdefender updates. (a virus shim is the stack had been quarantined or removed.)

    4). Run a full Bitdefender scan.

    Thanks for the reply, Jeff