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Trying To Obtain A Refund.....


Hi, After a week of owning Bitdefender Im trying to get a refund for various reasons but there's no real clear procedure on how this is done, I sent a message through the bitdefender website to sales but im not sure if this is correct. I have filled out a quetionaire form but still havent heard anything besides an automated response. Im worried that I will miss out on the 30 day refund period as Im not recieving any response.

Please help.


  • George R.
    edited January 2011

    Hello Glen C,

    Welcome to our forum.

    If you submitted a request via the online form, then my colleagues or I will answer as soon as possible.

    Our typical response time is 24-48hours. If you submitted your request to Sales, it will be redirected Monday to Customer Service. When processing your request, the initial request date is taken into consideration, so there will be no issues in this regard.

    Please note that BitDefender can only process refunds for orders made trough our Online Store

    Have a great day!

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