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Encrypt The License Key And Update Quality Icon For Search Advisor


1. Please encrypt the license or only show the last 4 digits. Also, required a user to enter the password again when they click on my bitdefender account.

2. Since the icons that bitdefender currently use for search advisor very low quality. Could you guys please update those icons. I see some icons in skin folder very good. Or please use the icons which you guy used in search advisor in bitdefender 2011.


  • Hello,

    Request 1: License key encryption: Proposed this to my manager and to the Dev. Team the first time you talked about this however the request was denied, ungrounded.

    Request 2: required a user to enter the password again when they click on my bitdefender account >>> this is logical as the product is storing your credentials in a registry entry. What you are asking is to remove that entry every time, after you close the browser or sign out within the product. This is not possible as the same license key also stores additional info about the product registration.

    Request 3: Why you find the Search advisor icon as such low quality ? I find it OK. What other icon would you choose from the Skin folder ?

    Kind regards,

  • chickenlittle
    edited September 2011

    sorry for late reply DanyDan. I just re-upgrade my BIS today. Here is the icons which i mentioned about.



  • The icons you are showing and you recommend to be used are already in use on Facebook - Safego. That is what the 'fb' stands for in their names. I will talk with my manager and the Dev. Team about your request and let you know.

    Kind regards,

  • rootkit
    rootkit ✭✭✭

    Hello :)

    From now, you can hide the license in the product.

    You have all the details here:

    Take care.