Hidden Files Auto-hide (win 7) And Auto Windows-update On (win Xp)

There are 3 different issues in 3 different machines I faced while running BitDefender 2012, as listed below.

PC-1: Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

Whenever there is any USB pendrive is plugged with the PC and ran a virus-scan, the 'Dont show hidden files' from the Folder option is automatically turned ON. Note that, that PC always has the 'Show hidden files' enabled; so when the option is switched automatically, it can not be turned to the 'Show Hidden Files' settings without restarting the PC after the virus-scan is finished.

PC-2: Windows XP Service Pack 3 32 bit

From the BitDefender setting, under Antivirus, the user has 'Automatic Vulnerability Scan' turned OFF all the time, but everytime BitDefender 2012 completes an update, the setting is automatically turned ON. This PC is also facing the similar problem as mentioned for the PC-1.

PC-3: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 64 bit

Few sites have been very slow and rarely opens when it runs BitDefender Internet Security 2012. Note, those same websites open without any problems in PC-1. Also, PC-3 doesnt face this problem when it runs BitDefender IS 2011 trial.

Please have a solution for this.


  • Hi shuvro,

    in regard to 2nd problem seems your data base having some problem or system already infected with some Trojan or malware,please scan that on safe mode or command line.

    in third issuse -update the hot fix through which you can overcome this problem

  • anyway.shuvro
    edited December 2011

    Thanks abbie.

    Well, for the second PC, it was a fresh windows installation first and the next thing was installing BitDefender. And the PC was fully scanned right after installing BitDefender. In case of trojans or malware, i guess those were not identified by BitDefender. So what do i do now?

    Regarding third issue, can you please explain the hot fix thing to me? You see, I am a newbee here.

  • can anyone please give me some solution, or tell me what to do

  • Hi :)

    Please follow the steps explained in the article below and send me via PM the generated log file:


    If you were already asked to generate the log file, disregard the message above and just post the ticket ID.

    Thank you.

  • Try this one....View Hidden Files