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Just thought this post on Windows 8 blog would be interesting for Bitdefender:


There was one thread I can't find anymore where we discussed the possibility deferring updates for mobile broadband users until they could access a Wi-Fi spot and temporarily disable networking while installing a new update, this excerpt from the Windows 8 blog reminded me of it:

For a majority of users, who have turned on automatic updating, Windows Update will defer the background download of all updates until you connect to a non-metered network, such as your home broadband connection. There is one exception, as noted in our earlier

, and that is in the case of a critical security update to fix a worm-like vulnerability (e.g., a Blaster worm). In that case, Windows Update will download the update regardless of the network type. You can always override the deferred download by launching Windows Update and manually initiating the download of updates at a time more convenient to you. Again, you are in full control of your device.

By the way, since there is no forum for the forum, can you forward to the webmaster this request: In the user control panel, there should be links to access the threads created by the user, and all the user posts too, not just his subscriptions.


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    Interesting discovery related to those updates. Thank you for your feedback. I will forward this to our developers.

    Also, regarding posts and topic, you have a link under you profile, not in user panel. Check out the screenshot attached to this post.

    Thank you.


  • Thanks, Christian, I see it now.

    Why is it hidden behind an "Options" drop-down list when there are already "Topics" and "Posts" links next to "About Me?"

    These 2 links seem to be broken, or at least filtered down to the past few days or current month of topics and posts, which is of course not what you expect when you visit the links.

    Topics and posts are really not "options" to hide, they're the core of the forum account.

    I'd sooner have all my profile and control data deleted instead of hiding my topics and posts.

    If an IT engineer and web dev like me, who also frequents several other forums, could not find my own topics and posts, I assume many more users face the same experience.

    Anyway, pass on to the site designers and let's move on.

    At least now I know where to find my topics and posts on the specific Bitdefender site.

  • coolcool1227

    Network Monitoring would be beneficial in this case.

  • rootkit

    @ Chimel

    Those link are not broken. I can access them from you profile.

    I will talk to our webmasters, but as you can see our forums are powered by IP.Board and I think we can not modify it because the license forbids us.

    @ ONT

    Regarding that, I have answered on the Feature Request area.

    Thank you.

  • @Christian Yep, I can see the full history now too, this was not the case yesterday.

    Pretty sure the board software can be customized, can use a different skin, or IP.Board can add the feature if you escalate the issue with them. It really does not make sense to have these 2 features (topics and posts) hidden outside the control panel, which should include everything, even if some features can be accessed via other duplicate means for convenience.

    Anyway, this topic was just a FYI.

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    edited February 2012

    Hello :)

    All thins were noted and our developers are working to integrate Bitdefender with Windows 8.

    More details will be posted when the new operating system will be in public beta.

    Thank you.

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