Dvd Drive Is Slowed Down And Making Noises Repeatedly

When I insert a DVD to the drive it makes noises repeatedly and the copy speed is slowed down. The drive making nosie like interrupting in every 0.5 second. I closed auto scan but nothing changed. Same problem for my two computers in which I installed Bitdefender 2012 internet security. Have you ever experienced such a problem?


  • columbo
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    That was my thought too, of disabling Auto Scan. I'm using the AV+ and running a DVD, Godzilla ;) as I post this, with no problems.

  • Maybe, just for a shot in the dark, try excluding your DVD drive, even though it's not a file or folder when it's empty, but is reading when your running a DVD? (even though you have Auto Scan turned off) That's the best I have until someone else here who knows more about this can help, i.e. someone with the Suite version. ;)


  • This time I closed auto scan BEFORE inserting DVD. And the program gave a message and tried to scan the DVD but I cancelled its scan. This solved the problem.

  • Is this something that will have to be done every time?

    I wonder if right clicking the Bitdefender icon in the notification area, and selecting Game Mode would be a "shortcut" to do what you needed to do for your solution? Nice job on your part in figuring it out though. :)


  • Hello :)

    You could also disable Autoscan CD/DVD media from the Exclusion tab.

    A temporary exclusion could also solve the current situation.

    Follow the steps from here:


    Thank you.

  • I also have a Dell Aline (970m, 4720hq) and have had problem with the drive.

    I think the first possibility is the scratching. Does the drive still work with a cd and able to burn dvds? If so a hardware test on the drive will show if it has any errors, but if its a MATSHITA drive you might be looking at having to replace it.

    http://www.powerbookmedic.com I believe is the site that has them fairly chea.p if you need a place to look.
    Another problem is that the drive itself is broken or not installed correctly. In this situation, you need to extract the file from the disk, for example DVD, and play it in VLC or Windows Media Player, here is the article you may refer to : http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/tips/how-to-play-dvd-on-laptop.html. But remember, it is only for Windows and not work on my Mac on another computer.