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Trojan In My Usb !


its a malware in my usb worm win32 autoit agm . I have tried all google solutions no one worked for me bitdefender says to me that he cant delete them for deleting you need to restart i restart the pc adn comes failed to clean . This virus made my usb write protected i will format it or delete a file it says to me write protected i have tested the register have changed the value to 0 for write protected the virus change it automatically to 1 I dont know what to do no antivirus worked for this trojan i dont know why!!! could be that this virus is stronger than all antiviruses ? i don know give me plsss a solution


  • rootkit

    Hello :)

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    Please right click on the USB stick and scan it.

    Save the log at the end and attach it in your next reply.

    Take care.

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