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How To Create A Zone In Bitdefender Firewall


We recommend you to make sure that the Firewall settings are allowing the PC communication as follows:

- open Bitdefender, go to Firewall panel and make sure it is turned on

- click on "Manage adapters" and locate the adapter. It is either Local Area Connection if the device is connected by cable or Wireless Area connection if it is a wireless device

- for this particular adapter please set :

*Network type to Home/Office

* Stealth mode to Off

* Generic to YES and click Close.

Now please check if the issue persists. If it does, please create a zone for the device's IP address:

- open Bitdefender

- click on Settings

- go to Firewall module and click on the Advanced tab

- turn ON "Internet Connection Sharing" and turn OFF "Block port scans"

- then click on Settings tab

- click on Adapter rules

- select the corresponding adapter and click on "Add zone" button

- select the IP address from the list or enter it manually, set Permission to Allow and click OK.

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