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Bis 2011 , Too Many "skipped Files" When Doing A Deep System Av Scan !

edited December 2012 in Antivirus

Hello ..

I am using the BIS 2011 (fully updated on Windows 7 64bit and PC connected all the time to internet and I am using the PC as admin), I like it alot more than the 2012 or 2013 editions , faster , more pro interaction and so on however ,

When I do an antivirus scan (maual scan) whether it's deep , full system scan etc. .... I notice too many files skipped when scanning Drive C: which is the drive where Windows is installed ...I have all the settings of the scanner set to the toughest possible options , scan everything , scan within archives , no limits on file sizes , the most thourgh options I could do !...Exceptions are disabled also on any drive

1.Is this normal ?

2.How can I tell Bitdefender not to skip any file on any drive from scanning ? at least the on-demand Deep Scans ?


PS:By the way , it even happens when I used BIS 2013 !!


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