Problem With Traffic Light And Facebook Protection

I recently upgraded to BD Internet Security 2013 from 2012...

And now I am seeing little green check marks on Facebook. When I hover over one of them, I get a Bitdefender message saying that this element is safe. But I do not want Bitdefender running on FB -- and I could not figure out how to disable this function via the main BD User Interface, so I went online to MyBitdefender and saw that Facebook protection was not activated. So why are these green check marks appearing (if FB protection is supposedly not enabled) and how can I disable this on FB?

Also, I am seeing the little green check marks next to my search results on Google and I want to disable this as well. How do I do it?



  • anybody home?...

  • either my question was too foolish for anyone to want to answer it...

    or it was too stinking brilliant...

    or no one wants to take the time to help me.


  • Hello :)

    Please right click on BitDefender icon from system tray(the "B" icon) and choose "Show". In the main window, click on "Settings". From the advanced interface, click on Privacy Control module and select the Antiphishing tab.

    From there, please disable Search Advisor and reboot your browser.

    Let me know if everything is OK now.

    Take care.