Safebox Is Still Dysfunctional After Months Of Trying To Use It

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I have been contacting you for months about Safebox being inoperative. I just tried using it again. My 3 test files I had in my desktop sync folder showed the green dot as soon as I placed them in the folder. They are supposed to be red for unsynced and blue for syncing. One file was almost 1 gig. There is no way it synced in a few seconds. As a matter of fact, one hour later only one of my test files has been synced with the web and my cell phone. It is about a 25mb file. My desktop Bitdefender panel synced for a couple minutes and apparently thinks it is done syncing. It has been hours now and it is looking like it is not going to sync the rest of my files. It has about 1 gb of files to sync with the web and my phone. Also, files and folders are showing up on my phone that I deleted months ago. They are not in my sdcard Bitdefender Safebox folder either. Also, they are not in my web Safebox. My cell never matches what is in the web Safebox even though I tell it to refresh over and over again. Additionally, I have never gotten the "B" icon over the any folder on my desktop that has been synced with Safebox.

Additionally, I have several folders listed in my phone version of Safebox. I have repeatedly deleted them and repeatedly refreshed. They are not in my sdcard Safebox folder, they are not in my web Safebox or recycled folders/files, and are not in my desktop Safebox folder. I have repeatedly uninstalled and reinstalled my phone Safebox. I have an AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note II. Why are they listed and how do I get rid of them?

Is there a file size limitation that you have not disclosed anywhere on your website?

Also, I just noticed that my desktop Bitdefender panel says it last synced 18 days ago even though it synced one of my files a few days ago. Furthermore I have been getting "Error Syncronizing Files," notification for days now.

Safebox is a service that was provided with my 2 year subscription of Bitdefender and my paid subscription of Bitdefender for my cell phone. It has not worked since I initially downoaded your products to my devices. The very same files have synced perfectly with my Skydrive cloud storage. It syncs non-stop until it is done. It also provides real-time status of the syncing process on all my files and folders. Also, when I refresh on my mobile device it actually refreshes my folders and files on the device. Why does your product not do the same?

Additionally, according to your website there is supposed to be a "Favorites," setting that is supposed to keep synced copies of my files and folders on my sdcard. The "Favorites," setting is nowhere to be found. Did you delete this feature and not update the Mobile Safebox user guide?

Is there a way to move my Safebox folder to me extsdcard?

Awaiting Your Reply,

Thank You