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Anti-theft Remote Wipe Does Not Delete Memory Card Data

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

I really liked this application.

But the only problem I have noticed till now is that Bitdefender Mobile & Antivirus - Anti-Theft remote wipe does not delete or format memory card data. It only factory resets phone memory.

Then what's the use of this application?

what if my mobile is lost or stolen and have important data stored on my memory card. I want to wipe my full data including my memory card data.

Like if you go for this product ->ESET Mobile security company fully Remote WIPE which Deletes contacts, messages and memory cards

Same way I want on Bitdefender.

The only reason I purchased this product was to delete full memory data if lost or stolen.

Bitdefender should really work on this. I am very upset.


  • apoapo

    Is this for real? Please, BD support, answer this topic. Not wiping the SD card is ridicolous! I did not even think about such a behaviour being possible :(

  • Glad

    After doing research using my own mobile, I have noticed that Bitdefender Mobile Security Anti-Theft is really not useful.

    Here are the Defects or Negative points (I won't say it's a bug):

    1. Remote Wipe doesn't seem to work fully. It I will just factory format your mobile, which means that Remote Wipe does not delete or format the memory card data. It only resets the phone memory to factory settings. For example: If my mobile is lost or stolen and I have important data store on my memory card, I won't be able to wipe my SD memory card data.

    2. If I lock my device using Remote Lock, it locks perfectly. If I then use Send Alert with sound, I can hear the sound but cannot read the message. What the developer needs to do is make it so the message will pop over the lock screen so that the person can read the message. Example: If my mobile is stolen, I would immediately lock my mobile and send an alert message saying "return my mobile and I will off you a reward or else I will take serious action". Unfortunately, this message won't pop up over the lock screen. The thief will only hear the alert sound.

    3. Very Important Point - If I lock my device using Remote Lock and use Remote Wipe, it doesn't work. What happens is that the mobile reboots then, for about 5 minutes you will hear an alert sound. Then it again reboots and goes back to the lock screen. In short, it does not wipe any data either on the phone memory or on the SD memory card.

    4. The website doesn't Track the exact GPS coordinates evidently.

    In conclusion, I would not recommend this product (Bitdefender Mobile Security) if they need an anti-theft. The anti-virus works fine but they really need to fix these problems.

    With All Due Respect I would request moderator/administrator to keep this topic on so that the developer could read and fix it Immediately

    Thank You

    I do have Bitdefender Antivirus on My PC and I have no problem with it.

  • ✭✭✭

    Hello Glad ,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to write / report these issues.

    The wipe functionality was solved and will be released in the next update. Resolving that bug also resolved the lock / wipe combination.

    Regarding the lock / message it's pretty tricky due to the fact the lock is done by calling some system functions and showing a message above that takes an weird spin , but I assure you we will look into finding a quick workaround.

    Please stay tuned for a new update which will solve these issues .

    Again than you for taking your time to write down these issues.

    Best regards,