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Tracking Vsserv.exe Issues


just wondering if there is a way to track issues with the process vsserv.exe.

occasionally l find it eating and my CPU pushing it 50/100% ld say when it happens its generally after lve downloaded something but l cant pin it to be certain mainly because theres very little time lm not passing any data.

last time l noticed it l was saving quite a few images from different tabs on firefox with the Save Images addon which automates saving images from different tabs. or at least thats what happened when l last noticed the issue, other times lve downloaded something largish with IDM..

it seems pretty intermittent and usually requires a reboot to get back to normal running.. now before its suggested l much prefer to stick with the version l have installed.. mainly because compared to the last time l updated the problem with the same service was constant (tho l guess in that respect it was the 2012 version) in addition lve got under 150 days left on my licence and being poor l might have to resort to a free alternative so lm hoping to sort the issue out tho lm hoping to extend the licence given the chance rather than uninstall and reinstall virus protection constantly. that coupled with the fact that l dislike how newer stuff is more set it and forget it as l like to oversee what the programs are specifically doing and sanction things myself.

regardless, if the problem were to reoccur is there a diagnostic program be it from Bitdefender or a third party program which could give an indication of what is causing the service to start constantly using 50/100% of my CPU when it happens?

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