No Web Reports

I bought the license for Parental Control. When I click to see the web reports on a motorola electrify 2 xt881 it says no web reports generated. I know there has been activity and would like to know why it isn't showing up. I am checking on the account from the bitdefender website from my laptop that runs windows 8. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.


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    I know this is an old post but an answer would have been helpful to me when I experienced a similar problem.

    I thought I had a similar issue. What I discovered was that there is a delay between activity and reports on that activity showing up in the parental control page. This was true for me even when I tested on my PC and then loaded the control center on my PC.

    My guess is that the product only uploads activity to the server on a schedule. I don't know how often it uploads. Hourly?

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