Feature Request - Taking A Pic With Front Camera

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security

Currently trialing the product. Long time user of Cerberus, but I am looking for a more full-featured product that does anti-theft as well as Cerberus and also scan for malware.

Here are some anti-theft features I think are missing from the product and that competing product have:

- When someone tries to unlock the phone 3-4 times without success, a pic should be taken with the front camera and sent through email or such

- An SMS command to take a pic with the front or rear camera. This is useful if the phone is stolen but also if you misplace it. That way, if you cannot hear the alarm, you can ask the phone to take pics and it can gives you clues where you lost it by looking at the pics. Locating the device is often not precise enough for something like that. Cerberus has that feature and it allowed me to retrace my phone that had dropped out of my pocket while sitting in a conference room at work.