Virus Detected But Never Deleted

I have a virus in my computer detected by BitDefender Internet Security 2010

Affect following link


affect many files inside iswizard.7z

how to remove it and what is the cause ...

Bitdefender detect the virus and remove it but happen again more and more....



  • 7-zip files are not currently repacked upon removal of a threat. While you are protected on execution, you will have to remove the detection by hand.

    Please note that you should be able to safely remove the contents of your Temp folders.

  • I tried to delete this folder manually, but i think the core virus located in another place and make the folder again,

    also i found file under the name proxy.conf

    contain following data

  • I actually have the exact same problem. At random moments I get message from antivirus saying that C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Temp\iswizard\wuaudit is a virus. Actually as Dr-SemSem said it's a zip file that I also tried like 5 times to delete but it keeps coming back, along with more antivirus spam. Could you, please, be more specific on how to get rid of that file and the malware... :unsure: