How To Deal With A Red-light Camera Ticket

Based on new launched traffic signal project, for almost everyone, when receive a red light camera ticket, he must be worried about the fine. But things may change if you know how to deal with it calmly. The ticket is typically supposed to include a clear photo of both your face and your license plate under the traffic signal light If the picture of your face is too blurry for others to positively identify you, your red light camera ticket may be thrown out in court, as this is one of the most common reasons for a judge to dismiss a fine. If you are not sure whether to fight the ticket based on this technicality, you should visit the police department to find out if the original photo is as blurry as your copy, since this is the evidence that will likely be used in court. Of course, if you know the picture is not you, as a friend or family member borrowed your vehicle, you can let the court know. Note in most jurisdictions, you are not required to reveal the identity of the person in the photo, making this a simple way to fight the red light camera ticket. No matter what to do after receiving the red light camera ticket, you’d better to be careful while passing through LED traffic signal next time.