Why I've Uninstalled Bd From My Phone

Just FYI -- I've been using Bitdefender on my phone since I bought the phone in March of 2012. I had been noticing my battery usage getting steadily worse. And I finally figured out what it was -- After 8hrs, I had used 85% of my battery (i.e., 15% remaining), despite the fact that the phone was sitting on a shelf getting NO use by me whatsoever. I looked at what apps were using the phone, and... lo and behold, Bitdefender was responsible for MORE THAN 50% of the drain.

Since this was hardly the first time I'd noticed that its usage was excessively high, I went ahead and uninstalled it, replacing it with AVG.

While it's not a statistical universe, my battery, after more than **13** hours, NOW sits at 65% REMAINING. AVG doesn't even make it ON THE BOARD for usage.

So -- whatever your program was doing... it's NOT doing it on my phone any longer.

And I plan to let others know this, too.

You either need to re-write your code with less overhead or stop using it under the board to access advert sites... because now you're not getting squat from me.