Is it usual to have two passwords ? I have one password that works for me to sign in to the forums. But if I try to sign in to My Bitdefender, it does not recognize that password. I then get a new password, and My Bitdefender works fine.But if I then try to log into the forums, that new password does not work. I have to use the older one. Is that normal ?? How can I get the password synchronized for both the Forums, and My Bitdefender ? Thanks, Mike


  • csalgau
    csalgau ✭✭
    edited October 2013

    There is no link between the forums and My Bitdefender.

    I recommend you use separate passwords wherever feasible, so that should your forums password be exposed, your product keys and administered systems remain safe.

    That said, you can use the same password between the two by individually setting them to a common value. You can find a Change Password link in the lower part of My Controls on the forums and under Profile in MyBitdefender.

  • Thanks Catalin Salgau for the quick reply. I think I will keep the two passwords different, as you suggested. Thanks, again, Mike