Bitdefender Blocking Server 2012 Essentials R2 Connector

Is anyone using Bitdefender on a Windows 8.1 OS (x64) PC and linking it to Server 2012 Essentials R2?

If so does anyone know how to allow the connector through the firewall to allow a backup to take place?

No matter what I do the backup will stop unless I turn off the firewall completely?

I've tried all the options I can see but alas nothing makes and difference.

I'm on my 30 day trial at the moment and this is the last issue I need to resolve before going ahead with purchasing licenses for all the household PCs.

Any / all assistance woudl be appreciated.


  • If it helps at all:


    This looks to be the traffic involved that I need to allow.

  • I may have fixed the issue by going into adaptor rule and adding an allow for the IP address of teh server. No ideas if this is correct though or whether it is a real fix - I guess I'll find out tomorrow.


  • Alas not, the backup still sticks at 1% with the Bitdefender firewall in place even with the exceptions set. The only way to allow the backup to run is to turn off the inbuilt firewall and turn on the Windows 8 firewall.

  • Hello,

    Please apply the steps from this kb article:

    If the issue persists, we recommend you to make these changes:

    - open Bitdefender, go to Firewall panel and make sure it is turned ON

    - click on "Manage adapters" and locate the adapter

    - for this particular adapter please set :

    * Network type to Home/Office

    * Stealth mode to Off

    * Generic to YES and click Close

    - click on Settings

    - go to Firewall module and click on the Advanced tab

    - turn ON "Internet Connection Sharing" and turn OFF "Block port scans"

    Let us know if everything works properly afterwards. Thank you.

  • I never got around to responding (my apologies), but even though the above was put in place the issue still remains. It did help in that the backup would complete but only after running for over 2 hours. If I turn the Bitdefender Firewall off and use the Windows Firewall then the backup completes in around 40 minutes.

  • ... any joy / thoughts guys or do I give up on your firewall completely?

  • Well I've now upgraded to Bitdefender 2015 and alas the issue is still there :(

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