Bitdefender Clueful - Report About A New Bug

edited January 2022 in General Topics

I've tried to submit a ticket about this bug on Bitdefender's website but, since I don't have a serial number, it wouldn't let me. By the way, you should stop sending people to that support page from inside the Clueful app if you know they won't be able to submit the ticket, just saying ...

Anyway, I installed Clueful a few weeks ago and it used to work very well. Very useful app. But unfortunately one of the latest updates has introduced a bug. This bug prevents Clueful from displaying the name of the newly installed app it has just scanned for privacy threats on the notification drawer. I know it's a bug because Clueful used to be able to display the name of the app on the notification drawer. For example, before the bug I would see "Instagram is not a privacy threat" on the notification drawer when Clueful scanned a new app. Now I'm seeing "1 new app is not a privacy threat" so I don't know which app Clueful is informing me about.

I'm running Clueful on a custom Android 4.1.2 and my phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3.

Please take a look at this bug, other users have also reported it on the comments' section of Clueful's page at Google Play.

Thanks in advance