Uninstall Bit Defender Mobile Security Premium - Can't View Pin Online

edited January 2022 in Mobile Security


I recently wanted to remove Bitdefender from my Android 4.2.2 Smartphone. I am facing the problem that it doesn't accept my PIN so I cannot remove its administrator priviliges. I wanted to view the PIN on my.bitdefender.com, but the button is grey so I cannot click on it.

Besides this, there is another very important issue. I thought maybe I could reset the PIN using the lock function of BD. It took very long to actually lock the phone, a delay of several hours. I could unlock the phone, but it didnot change my PIN. After this, I could not unlock the phone with my normal screen lock PIN. I then discovered that my PIN is null, I can simply click ok and its unlocked. After setting a new PIN I have to enter it once, after this its null again, I can unlock the phone by pressing enter.

So my second question is what is up with that? This is ridicolous!

Please be so nice to actually help me here, I just want to get rid of this software, for obvious reasons.

Thank you.