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Wallet Causing A Crash On My Pc

edited March 2014 in Wallet

Since BD support has shown no interest or real knowledge over the last 2 weeks to help me out, giving me lazy, generic "solutions" (install/uninstall or even better: waste my time disabling ALL modules and options and spend a whole day troubleshooting it by enabling single option/module at a time and waiting for another crash to try to figure out what's causing it?!) and basically having not a slightest idea what's going on with their product, and then when I wrote them how sorry I was for purchasing this software of theirs (with the lousy support experience I had), they didn't even bother to write me a response of their own but, instead, send an automated "We're sorry for your negative experience.." message, I'm stuck with you guys, common users, to try to help me deal with the serious issue I'm having:

Running Windows 7, 64 bit, when watching Youtube/Flash videos (full screen) or even when watching movies on my VLC Player, a Wallet Hint Message pops up on the bottom right of the screen saying "There's an easier way to browse online.." and seconds after, my PC completely shuts down. This happens every once in a while and it's very annoying.

I tried re-installing the software but nothing changed. There is also no option, or at least I couldn't find it, to disable the Wallet tooltip/Hint pop-up window..possibly it causing the crash. So, apart from completely disabling the wallet and feeling sorry for 40$ spend on a software who's "support" takes 2 weeks to answer your email, is there anything else I can do to try to fix the problem? Anyone else had a similar issue with these crashes?

Any help is appreaciated.



  • Kenan

    Crashed again while chatting on FB..same Wallet popup..this time it took me several restarts to be able to boot into Windows..

    Looks like I'm gonna have to switch to a different software..this is just terrible.

  • columbo

    Hi Kenan,

    Try this if you haven't, go into msconfig and in Startup, disable Bitdefender pmbxag.exe and bdapppassmgr.exe and see if that helps. Since you disabled Wallet on the BD UI panel, only the pmbxag.exe may be showing.

    These can also be disabled through CCleaner's Tools/Startup option.

    By the way, did you previously have another AV installed, as BD doesn't like the "competition" of previous leftover remnants, and can get glitchie.

    Let us know if this helps.


  • Kenan

    Hello columbo and thanks for the reply.

    I already uninstalled the sofware and I'm now using a different one (on a trial basis).

    All these crashes were just too much for me, and having to "study" it on my own..for a product I paid..that's just not it.

    I don't know what will I do in the future..switch to something else or give this one another try..but for now, I just want a take a break from it.

  • columbo

    You're welcome, Kenan, and thanks for posting back. I understand the need for a break and to get something resolved and up and running. Even if you would have had success with disabling Wallet as I mentioned, you still would have been without that feature.

    If you ever decide to try BD again in the future, be sure to use the AV you're using uninstall tool and do a manual search for leftovers (even CCleaner in Reg. mode) Also, using BD's uninstall tool, just to be sure.

    Again, thanks for posting back and letting us know what was going on.