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Problems With Wallet

Matthias L
edited May 2014 in Wallet


I just installed bitdefender internet security, everything works fine except the wallet.

I use chrome on windows 8 (64bit), everything up to date.

It just doesn't work, I followed the instructions I found on the bitdefender website but the extension doesn't show up in the extensions tab.

Furthermore I cannot change the settings for the wallet.

Every time I change the "Ask for my master password when I login to my computer." to the other option, it tells me to reboot the pc, which I did. But with no result, when I reopen the wallet options it remains on the "Ask for my master password when I login to my computer." option.

Same goes for the "Automatically lock Wallet when I leave my PC unattended." option and wallet tweaks.

I Repaired the installation and Uninstalled the program, but with no success.

How can I fix this problem?