How To Control The Antispam Function

This is driving me crazy. There does not appear to be any control for the Antispam functions in Bitdefender (2013 or 2014) other than ON/OFF. I continually find valid mail being placed into the Spam folder, within Outlook's Deleted mail folder. Even worse, sometimes valid mail, like the NY Times daily summary gets flagged as Spam and sometimes it doesn't - there is no consistency.

Anyone know how this can be addressed?


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    Hello AZMoosie,

    Legitimate messages are marked as [spam] simply because they look like spam to the Bitdefender antispam filter. You can normally solve this problem by adequately configuring the Antispam filter:

    1. Open your mail client.

    2. Go to the junk mail folder where spam messages are moved.

    3. Select the legitimate message incorrectly marked as [spam] by Bitdefender.

    4. Click the Add Friend button on the Bitdefender antispam toolbar to add the sender to the Friends list. You may need to click OK to acknowledge. You will always receive e-mail messages from this address no matter what they contain.

    5. Click the Not Spam button on the Bitdefender antispam toolbar (normally located in the upper part of the mail client window). The e-mail message will be moved to the Inbox folder.

    Feel free to contact us again should you require further assistance with your Bitdefender program.

  • Thank you. I did ultimately stumble upon the procedure you just outlined. Silly me for thinking I could open Bitdefender, go to settings,and then find what I needed in the Antispam settings. Perhaps in the next release the developers will at least put a note in the settings location directing users to the client toolbar.

    I do appreciate your reply. Cheers...

  • I have also encountered the same problem and it caused me some problems like not able to read important mails from important people. Glad that I was not alone in this dilemma.

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    Hello both,

    Please let us know if the above solution helped or if you require further assistance.

    Thank you.