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How To Find What Version I Have


I have had BitDefender Total Security a long time. I think I was on a three year contract.

I do know for sure that I had bought the licence for three machines.

Everything that is associated with help or information wants to know what version I am on.

No where in the control panel do I find where to check what product I have (2012, 2013....

I read another forum response (resulted from Google search) saying look for "prodver.txt". I find no fine named that.

My real need is to get bitdefender unto a laptop I have.

(I had it previously on computers I no longer have.)

So to get it on my laptop... when I go to the website, everything is about buying bitdefender. first I have to pay.

I should not have to pay. I have already bought the license for three machines.

How do I download it unto that new laptop (first) then enter the license key (second)?


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭


    Right click the Bitdefender icon in your system tray and choose "About". That will give you the details of the version you have running.

    Downloads are all here - You can d/l the 30 day trial and then just add your license key to it to activate it. If you previously linked in to "MyBitdefender" do so again and you can get your license key and other details from there.