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Bitdefender For Windows 8 Versus Other


I have a license for three machines.

Two of them are Windows 7.

I have Bitdefender Total Security 2012 or 2013 (seperate question was posted on that).

My main machine acquired a few months ago is Windows 8.1. I have Bitdefender on this one, can't tell version.

I see that there is a bitdefender for windows 8. Should I be concerned about making sure I have that?

And is there an account issue with two versions (whatever for Windows 7, and one for Windows 8)?


  • Rohugh
    Rohugh ✭✭

    Hiya bbaker,

    You can't use a Total Security license to activate Bitdefender Windows 8 Security on your laptop, that requires a separate key, or you can use an BD Internet Security key.

    My 8.1 laptop runs BD Total Security and it runs fine. :)