Difficulty On The Purchasing Process!

I apologize if this is not the right place to post this, but I seem to be having a difficulty time trying to purchase the software. The one I'm trying to buy is the BitDefender Sphere pack. The website says $119.95CDN when I went to check out. I noticed where it says the amount to be charged was 89.95 Euros which through current conversion rates would be about $130CDN. Assumed it was some sort of geolocation error seeing as I am currently in Canada, no where near Europe.

The price eventually changed to $119.95USD. But that too converts to $129CDN. The currency on the website shows $119.95CDN. I assume that is already the Canadian Currency. Now I am stuck at a loading screen trying to get to the shopping cart to remove the item and hopefully add it a third time with the right currency.

Am I doing something wrong?