Need A Way To Export The Wallet Contents In "clear Text"

I know that I can open the wallet and go into each individual entry and see the current password and other parameters.

I could then either write this all down or screen print/screen copy it one page at a time.

I want to be able to export my wallet into either txt or xml or csv format so that I have all of my passwords available to me in another format.

The Wallet is a great idea but I need to be able to export my information in a format that I can have it readable in plain english for whatever reason and purpose I want.

Do you have a tool or other process that will let me export the wallet into something other than the encrypted ".db" format?

If not, please advise how I can export my wallet in a way, other than one screen at a time, to some form of text format. If the exported wallet DB is "openable" with my master password, please advise how.

Thanks in advance.