New Computer No Key


I am abroad and do not and do not have my Bitdefender disc or Key with me. I have my previous Laptop which has Bitdefender. I am still allowed to add on more computer to the Bitdefender Security I purchased previously.

What can I do so I may add this new computer? Is there a way to find my KEY on the old laptop?

Totally baffled :blink:



  • I assume you are using BD 2012 as that is the forum you are in.

    If you have BD on your laptop you should be able to open the GUI and see the information from the "License Info" at the bottom. The number of devices you can add it to depends on the terms of the license you have. Plus, 2012 is quite out of date now so you may want to consider updating to a later version, or the latest 2015 version, your license will activate it.