Ssl Scanning Prevents Connection To Certain Sites

When I have SSL Scan turned on I cannot connect to a number of sites.

For example, and

The site, in Google Chrome, gives this error.


It seems that the site verifies the certificate at the server and so refuses a connection to the server when the Bitdefener CA certificate is presented.

Is there anyway to whitelist these sites? The whitelist feature doesn't work. I still cannot connect. When I disable SSL Scanning, I can connect.



  • Hi. I think there's no option to whitelist a site. Can you also verify that the certificate on that site is no expired as well? 1.gif

  • Hi. I think there's no option to whitelist a site. Can you also verify that the certificate on that site is no expired as well? 1.gif

    I can confirm that the site doesn't have an expired certificate.

    The site is

    You can also see that the site is working from;hideResults=on

    Basically, what I think is happening is that the OCSP response isn't taking place and so the server is refusing the connection.

    However, when I look at the server logs, I don't see the connection attempt.

    This "man-in-the-middle" scanning is the only reason it doesn't connect, because when I disable SSL Scanning, it connects normally.

  • Nesivos
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    I am having a similar problem using BDIS 2015 and Firefox 34.0.5 on W7-SP1.

    One of several sites I can not connect to when "Scan SSL" is turned on in BDIS is Twitter. The website is legit and the Security Cert is up to date. I use the Padlock extension with Firefox. When I turn "Scan SSL" off and load the webpage, in the Firefox Address Bar Padlock is showing green and says "Verified by Symantec. The Connection is Secure"

    Is I turn Scan SSL on I get the following message when attempting to load Twitter. "The Connection Is Insecure" You have asked Firefox to connect securely to but we cannot confirm that connection is secure"

  • I just checked BD W8 Security on my W8.1 computers running Firefox 34.0.5. "Scan SSL" is on and I am not having any problems accessing trusted websites. The problem on my W7-SP1 computer using BDIS seemed to begin about the time I upgraded to Firefox 34.0.5. However I did do an uninstall of Firefox 34.0.5 and deleted all the Firefox folders. I then reinstalled Firefox 33.1.1 and the problem also now appared with Firefox 33.1.1. I don't recall it happening before I did the upgrade to 34.0.5. Anyway I re-upgraded to Firefox 34.0.5 since I saw no benefit in continuing to use version 33.1.1. The Scan SSL problem still persists.

    I am using the default settings in Firefox. I am also using layered security but the secondary security programs I am using I am using on all of my computers; i.e., the W7-SP1 with BDIS and my W8.1 computers with BD W8 Security.

    Anyone have any thoughts on what might be causing the problem and how to fix it? Thanks

  • I ran a Repair and all is now GTG.