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Option To Disable Repetitive Popup Nag For Restarting.

Please create an option to disable popup notifications to restart the computer after an update (or an option to only have it popup only once). I have my settings on Autopilot, Postpone reboot Checked, and with Silent update Enabled.

Even still, Bitdefender keeps constantly nagging me when I'm aware of a computer restart being required for the new update to take affect. This in turn forces me to completely shutdown my antivirus, endangering my computer, but a step I must take to concentrate on my ~6 hour project that will bring more than bread to my table.

Please fix this extremely obnoxious and unnecessary feature by at least giving users the option to turn off popup notifications regarding updates and restarts.

Thank you.


  • Hi, truvied,

    What you are describing isn't normal behavior for BD, when you have things set as you do (checked, meaning it's blue). It could be a glitch, and just monitor it and see if it happens again. Check "wait for reboot instead of prompting", and click "restart later" if it pops up again. Otherwise, you may want to run a repair:

    The reboot isn't necessary right at the time of a prompt (I have mine set to prompt me), it is only letting you know of an update. Many users who have theirs set to silent, would use their PCs all day and not know a reboot is needed, unless they see the blue dot next to the Personal Settings icon at the top of the BD main UI (or on the security widget), which will show an Event (Update/reboot required).


  • mroz123
    edited November 2016

    Hello, there is no such thing in the restart dialog now. My restart dialog looks like this. It is extremely anoying that this dialog minimizes fullscreen applications! (This is the biggest issue for me - popups that overrides fullscreen) 

    And it needs restart each other day? When I had Avast antivirus it didn't need to restart like ever. This is horrible design and a very strong reason for me to switch AVS as soon as possible!



  • I am a reseller of Bitdefender but for me, this reboot popup has made me recommend alternative AV solutions to my clients as it doesn't seem as though there will ever be a fix to it. Hitting enter while processing accounts and having my laptop suddenly reboot because of a stupid BD popup has caused corrupt data. Thanks BD.I see that this problem has been ongoing for 18 months with no end in sight.

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