Conflict Of Protection?

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Please clarify.

I understand that the Anti-theft and SMS protection cannot be enabled if you are already using the Moto G's Motorola Device Manager's Anti-Theft functions because they would conflict. So I have left it disabled and not activated Bitdefender as a device Admin.

Also, would SMS protection work anyhow with Hangouts? I know for a fact Kaspersky stated Hangouts cannot be protected on Gingerbread and KitKat OS. The SMS data could be easily extracted from Hangouts.

Just wondering what the situation is with Bitdefender and also the newer Lollipop.

I actually use the default messaging app instead of Hangouts. The reason I asked is in case anyone else uses Hangouts and need to know what works/doesn't work.


  • One week, over 100 views and no replies from other knowledgeable users or the Bitdefender team. I guess nobody knows categorically then.

  • Sorry, can't help. :( I have just got the Galaxy S6 Edge yesterday and notice that Google has a similar anti-theft/location app on it so I will have to research whether it is compatible with BD - or even how to turn it off if necessary.

    Yes, a response from the BD folks would be nice.

  • Thanks anyway for reading.

    Enjoy the new phone. I believe it will be a similar case again though. The two anti-theft services are basically the same architecturally. Motorola seem to have breathed on it a little and have their own portal however the differences are minimal.

  • Gone back to Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition on the phone. It's the sole Bitdefender product I'm using right now. I got bored of the Full version flagging all my apps as 'moderate privacy risk', even the standard Google system ones.

    Mobile Security and Antivirus has the potential to be a nice package. However, there are a few foibles which discourage me from using it including the ones mentioned in this thread.

    The malware risk in Lollipop stems mainly from rogue applications, so all I really want at present is the ability to scan installed apps. I don't install from outside the Play Store normally. The one app which is the exception to the rule is the Moto G Camera+ app from xda-developers forum.

  • Please close this thread it is going nowhere. I'm going elsewhere for phone protection as well now.

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    I also leave to another vendor.

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    Who installs an AV on their phone? Can't you just keep Chrome (or Firefox) updated, turn-off untrusted sources when you don't need it, and make sure app verify is on?

    That's all you need really.