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Brother Controlcenter4 Cannot Be Properly Installed

Bitdefender antivirus plus 2015 is silently blocking the proper software installation (and updates) of my

Brother scanner software. Affected software “ControlCenter4”.

After Un-installing Bitdefender I installed the scanner software and re-installed Bitdefender, the scanner

now works as expected.

This morning there was an update of ControlCenter4 software which did not install properly with as a

result my scanner did not work anymore.

The only way to run the update is to restore my pc and then uninstall Bitdefender, update my scan software

and re-install Bitdefender.

My question is if there is another way to temporarily stop Bitdefender or is a fix needed?

System information:

- Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

- Brother printer/scanner MFC-J4510DW.

This does not happen on a pc running Windows 10 Pro 32-bit.


  • cyfifi
    edited April 2017

    In below given stuff you will find possible reasons and solutions to fix scan failure. If required then you may also take some support from Brother MFC-J4510DW Manual. Let's start:

    • Check the LCD screen for any error messages. An example would be "Paper Jam" or "Ink/Toner Empty". If the LCD screen shows an error, troubleshoot to clear the issue indicated.

    • (This point is useful to you only if you are using network shared environment). In a network shared environment, the scanning feature works from a server PC, but does not work from client PCs.

    • Open the scanner list and check the scanner icon of your Brother machine exists there. If the scanner icon of your Brother machine does not exist there, you need to install the scanner driver.

    • Obtain the machine's IP address by printing a Network Configuration List

  • Hello JanKoster.

    To temporarly disable/stop all BD services you have to start you PC in safe mode. Than you have to open msconfig.exe. Select the "Services" tab and there, you will have the possibility to uncheck the BitDefender services. Restart again in the normal mode and BD will be turned off.

    When you want to turn Bitdefender back ON, just repeat the procedure with safe mode, and check the bitdefender services.

    Also easier way(not always working): go to "view modules" from protection mode, then select the settings, turn off on access scanning and active threat control.