[Submitted To Developers] Thunderbird 45 - Antispam Toolbar Not Working

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Hi, I have an issue with antispam protection in Bitdefender Internet Security 2016.


- Windows 7 x64

- Bitdefender IS 2016

- newest Thunderbird (45) - clean install,

- fresh profile,

- added POP3 account,

- Antispam Toolbar 7

Toolbar looks supposedly OK, but when I want to mark a message as "This is SPAM" nothing happens (button is of course active, not grayed out).

The only trace of my action can be found in Error console:

[ tb5o ] error : [GetSpamFolder(1_)] : FIRST EXCEPTION : TypeError: folder.getFlag is not a function

[ tb5o ] error : [GetSpamFolder(_)] : SECOND EXCEPTION : TypeError: folder.ListDescendents is not a function

I even added junk folder in account settings, but didn't help.

How can I use antispam feature in TB? In Outlook it works as expected.


  • Horus28

    Mine is not working either.

  • Georgia
    Georgia ✭✭✭


    We are aware of this issue and our developers are working on a fix.

    We will notify you here about the fix as soon as it's released via automatic update of Bitdefender 2016.